Windows: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need to replace my vinyl window or wood window?

a. Rotting
b. High air leakage
c. High energy bills that going up
d. Windows do not mechanically work anymore
e. Lots of condensation on windows
f. Mold on windows

What is the difference between the new construction application and the replacement application when installing new windows?

a. Full frame replacement — New construction application is a complete window frame, trim, jam removed dow to the rough openings (studs in the wall).
b. Insert replacement — New window goes inside existing window frame and does not disturb inside trim or outside siding. The windows are custom sized to fit the opening.

Will my new windows be customized to fit the existing opening?

All vinyl and some wood windows can be custom sized to within 1/4″.

How long will the window installation take?

Insert application takes less than 1 hour per window.
Full frame application take 2-3 hours per window.

Do you loose glass space when installing new windows?

Insert application losed glass space anywhere from 1/2″ up to 2″ on each side.
Full frame usually does not loose glass space.

Can you install vinyl windows in the winter?

Of course, windows can be installed year round!

Installing new windows can be expensive, can I install a couple windows at a time?

Certainly, however doing a few windows at a time will typically cost you more in the long run. We understand sometimes all you can do it is 2-3 windows. No matter how many windows you install, will get you the best price.

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